Suspending Reality: Interiors
by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

Emotional Rooms
by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

Various projects appearing in:

American Designers' Houses
by Dominick Bradbury and Mark Luscombe-Whyte

The Art of Living
Photography by Bärbel Miebach

Big Home, Big Challenge
by Kira Gould and Saxon Henry

Color Palettes
by Susie Butterfield

Decorating with Color and Texture
by Ann McArdle

Decorating with Fabric and Pattern
by Ann McArdle

Designers Here and There
by Michele Keith

East Coast Rooms
by Anna Kasabian

Glamour: Making it Modern
Michael Lassell

Hamptons Havens
by Better Homes and Gardens Books

Hotel Spaces
by Paul Borràs

House Beautiful Great Style
by Christine Pittel



House Beautiful Lighting
by Judith Gura and Christine Pittel

Interior Style
by Lesley Riva

Lofts and Apartments in New York City
by Edizione L'Archivolo

The Luxury Bathroom
by Samantha Nestor

by Paula Rice Jackson

New American Style
by Mike Strohl

New Classic Style
by Better Homes and Gardens Books

New York Home Book, Second Edition
by Ashley Group

Rooms to Inspire
by Annie Kelly

Sleeping Spaces
by Lisa Skolnik

Southern Rooms
by Rockport Publisher

Linda O'Keeffe

Brilliant: White in Design
Linda O'Keeffe